Video: Rabid and Crying Muslims Protest Anti-Islam film in Amsterdam

As the Muslim World burns through riots and protests against an anti-Islam movie, Europe demonstrates how Muslims have not integrated, as they attempt to destroy the West as they vent their anger.

We have seen protests in Britain and Australia and now they have unfolded in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The video contains a group of loud and almost rabid looking Muslims protesting the anti-Islam movie, at one point a vocal member of the group begins to cry as he is ranting and raving, I hope somebody called his mother to take him home..

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3 Responses to Video: Rabid and Crying Muslims Protest Anti-Islam film in Amsterdam

  1. Rabid and crying over a dead paedo, gone for 1,400 years; happy to rape a nine year old child on the pretence it is marriage!! The truth is, pisslam needs to be wiped off the planet!!

  2. Brainwashed since birth and no chance of recovery. Logic part of brain was never developed to question how raping a 9 year old girl and then killing because she is no longer a virgin. Raping everyone they kill to be sure a non virgin.
    In America a Muslim lady had a factory job and told her co workers Islam would own America and she is charged with terrorism now. What kind of visa or work permit does she have?

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