UK: Graveyard Graffiti – “Bomb England”, “Free Palestine” and “White People Die in Hell”

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A graveyard in the UK has seen sick, racist and Pro-Palestine graffiti scrawled on the pathways between the graves.

The graffiti featured: “Bomb England”, “Free Palestine” and “White People Die in Hell” the news article does not mention the culprits, but talk of bombing, Palestine and racism rings alarm bells for Muslim suspects.

As well as the graffiti, many of the graves were destroyed and vandalized.

Welcome to the United Kingdom, 2012.

Original News Source

Racist graffiti in Rothesay Road graveyard was discovered by a man who was visiting his grandparents’ grave.

Clive O’Sullivan was disgusted to find graffiti including the words “Bomb England”, “Free Palestine” and “White People Die In Hell” chalked on the path between graves with roses from someone’s grave thrown over the writing and three graves destroyed.

Police were informed of the damage and it was cleared up the next day (Thursday).

Mr O’Sullivan said: “I went to visit my granparents’ grave and to my disgust found obsene racist graffiti chalked on the path. One grave stone in particular had been severely damaged which was the one in front of my grandparents’, fortunately theirs was unharmed.

“This is unacceptable behaviour especially in a place where people have been laid to rest. The culprits should be caught and dealt with accordingly.”

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