British Muslims Claim Allah Destroyed a US Cinema Screening Anti-Islam Movie

I recently came across this hilarious status on a Facebook page for badly dressed, British Muslim thugs known as the Muslim Defence League.

The Muslims claim a cinema in the US was planning to show the anti-Islam movie, a blatant lie, for a cinema planning to air the movie would be illegal and would cause further bloodshed and riots across the Muslim world.

They then claim that an earthquake struck the area that the cinema was in and caused the building to split into two pieces, followed by “Allah Akbar” giving the impression that Allah himself had carried out a punishment on the Cinema.

Funnily enough, I did not hear about this on the news, but luckily, the Muslims have kindly provided an answer to that.

The Muslims claim that the Americans are so shocked by the supposed “miracle”, that they refused too allow full media coverage on the event and that is why you, or anybody else for that matter, didn’t hear about it on the news today!

People may lose their common sense when they fall to Islam, but they certainly do not lose their imagination.

So what is Allah trying too say when earthquakes hit mostly muslim dominated societies and tsunamis wipe out large sections of Indonesia?

The same admins of the page are also kind enough to inform us of what Islam has in store for the world.

The Body of Truth

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8 Responses to British Muslims Claim Allah Destroyed a US Cinema Screening Anti-Islam Movie

  1. The brain is not fully developed in Muslims because abused from time of birth in a crazy religion. And crazy religions are all over the world…No Muslim will ever be a great scientist or medical Dr. The logic and reason part of the brain not developed. Muslim logic,,,to sexually rape everyone they kill so they are not killing a virgin?

    • Nizzam says:

      Even though I am a Muslim, I admit that the brain of a Muslim child cannot develop well because of abuse. And the truth is that abuse is directly caused by the non-Muslims and indirectly by the poor Muslims.

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  4. salamando says:

    Beverly fuck you non Muslim

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  6. Love islam says:

    Point is that everyone was born muslim, believe it or not u choose what path u follow as you grow when muslims die ina disaster they are most likely to go straight to heaven depending on their deeds in this life so most of the muslim population you claimed where killed by the act of god are god willing in heaven the only difference is every single one of those non believers who died are gling straight to hell choose to deny the facts but when your time will come you will see the truth but it will be too late.

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