Video: Muslims Hand Out Copies of The Koran in Busy British Supermarket

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I recently came across this video while browsing youtube.

It features a group of UK Muslims in London handing out free gift wrapped copies of the Koran in one of the UK’s main and busiest supermarkets, ASDA.

The video shows Muslims handing out candy to passers by and “enlightening” them on the teachings of Muhammed, maybe they thought the candy would sweeten the taste of Muhammed’s paedophilia, mass murder, torture and rape committed across the Arabian peninsula.

What disturbed me most about the video, was the Muslims were particularly keen on exposing the children of shoppers to the Koran, as many of the pictures in the video show the gift wrapped Koran next to small children and one picture shows one of the Muslims taking part handing a copy to a small child, which made me feel very uneasy.

Surely the amount of violence, rape, torture and hatred in the Koran should warrant some kind of age limit?

Perhaps the Muslims were so keen on giving the Koran to those of such a young age, because the adults are not so easy to convince over Muhammed’s fairy tales?

While on the topic of “gift wrapped Koran’s” never has the phrase “gift wrapped turd” been more appropriate!

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5 Responses to Video: Muslims Hand Out Copies of The Koran in Busy British Supermarket

  1. christiandefenceleauge says:

    Reblogged this on Christian Defence League (CDL).

  2. I hope there was a large dustbin nearby.

  3. Albion says:

    I will now be contacting ASDA and will ask them if we can use their store
    for Army reqruitment! NFSE.

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  5. Anna Dean says:

    They are giving out the watered down version, for the dumb West! …….with lollies, haha and they take it?………….true to name………The dumb West!

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