Video: Police clash with 200 Muslim protesters in Sydney demonstrating against anti-Muslim film

The true aims, beliefs and final desire of the Muslim ummah is not only being demonstrated in the Middle East, but it various instances of a violent Islamic show of strength can publicly be seen for all too see, in the the main cities of the Western world.

To any Liberals, Leftists or Dhimmi’s reading, are you awake from your slumber yet?

Yesterday we reported that British Muslims in the UK held a US and Israeli flag burning demonstration in protest against the infamous anti-Muslim film, “the innocence of Muslims,” today we see that chaos broke out in Sydney as Australian police clashed with over 200 violent and terrorist supporting Muslim protesters.

Here is an online news source regarding the protest.

The following is a video of the violent scenes of the Muslim demonstration, remember, This is not Egypt, Not Iran, Not Pakistan, This is Australia today, September 15th 2012!

Do not say “it cannot happen here”, because that is exactly what the Australians said jus a few years ago, now look and witness their country.

The protesters held various banners and placards, most notably one which read: “Behead Those Whole Insult Islam!” which pretty much tells us all we need to know really..

The placards and banners also stated: “Obama, Obama we love Osama!”, “our dead are in paradise, your dead are in hell!” and “Sharia will dominate the world!

Notice the rabid Muslim mob proudly flying the banner of both Al-Qaeda and the Islamic flag of war, so that is some bunch the Western governments have allowed to colonize our countries..

A total of six police officers were injured, including two who were taken to a hospital. Two protesters were treated for police dog bites and 17 others for the effects of pepper spray, police said in a statement. There were no details of their condition.

If one thing good came out of the demonstration, it is the hilarious footage of an Alsation making quite a meal out of a rioting Jihadists leg, although I pity the dog, as I bet the “rag head” must have tasted foul..

This particular image made me feel sick, as a small, brainwashed child holds a placard reading “behead those who insult the prophet” while his mother (who should have been arrested for child abuse) stands by approvingly, shame on Muslims!

An almost rabid looking Muslim protester at today’s events, Eight people were arrested on charges including assaulting police and resisting arrest.

A police officer can be seen defending himself as he comes under attack from one of the Muslims, Members of the Muslim mob also wore the green Islamic headband, made infamous as it is seen to be worn by Muslim men all over the world to symbolize that they are a fighter of the Mujahideen.

Australian Prime Minister Julian Gillard said in a statement: “Violent protest is never acceptable — not today, not ever.”

Here is a tip, Julian, simple verbal condemnation will not stop those who took part in this violent show of strength in one of Australia’s main cities.

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  5. misry says:

    Its so scary are we lost our freedom ? we are so sorry Muslems –to open our Australia for you

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