Israel Demonstrate How to Effectively Deal With Muslim Terrorists

Israel has provided many great examples in the past of how to deal with Muslim terrorists, although sometimes not harsh enough, they show much more effectiveness than Western countries.

This is how you effectively deal with Muslim Terrorists!

The Israeli Shin Bet, Israel’s equivalent of MI5 or the FBI, successfully arrest an Arab Muslim ringleader during riots in Israel and give him a taste of exactly what he has been dishing out too others.

If only Western countries had a police force or secret service with the blunt force and skills necessary to deal with enemies of the state, as the Shin Bet do.

Well done, Israel!

The Body of Truth

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Anti-Islamization, Pro-Caucasus Blogger. Georgian Patriot. Counter-Jihadist. Anti-Islam. Anti-Russia. Idealist.
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3 Responses to Israel Demonstrate How to Effectively Deal With Muslim Terrorists

  1. Elijah prince ochieze says:

    Isreal is our home and we in diaspora must defend it.lets creat biafra as another,power jewsih nation in africa to supot true zionizism

  2. Cliff Ross says:

    If he is really a terrorist, shoot to kill. No prisoners, no trades.

  3. Gary Johnson says:

    I will at anytime fight WITH you side by side shoulder to shoulder…I am 51 yrs old from Kentucky in the USA….and I want you all to know Billions of AMERICANS are behind you and with you 100% ….GOD is great…. I am proud to know from my bible the beginning of Israel from Father Abraham,to his son Isaac,to his son Jacob… who the almighty GOD changed his name from Jacob to Israel and formed the 12 tribes of Israel….. I would LOVE to visit… as said…I am only 1 old man…but would come fight with you against these DEMONS anytime….With much Love ,Respect, and Loyalty,
    Gary Johnson

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