Video: Muslim Refugee Threatens To Kill Japanese Immigration Officers.

A bearded Muslim man in a refugee centre in Japan threatens to kill Japanese Immigration officers as he states: “Don’t touch my wife! In Islam I kill you if you touch my wife!”

He then states “Muslim punch you die! This is Muslim punch! this is not a non-Muslim woman, this is Muslim woman, you touch one and you die!”

He then goes on to try and mock the reserved, honourable and polite Japanese officers who manage too hold their modesty at all times throughout the drama, resulting in the Muslims attempt to mock them .. failing miserably.

Apparently, the story behind the video is:

The Muslim male and his family illegally entered Japan, claiming refugee status on arrival because he stated that “his life was threatened by the Taliban” despite him being a Mureed and having no connection to Afghanistan. But his application was denied by Japanese officials. He then produced a story stating that his daughter was suffering from illness and required medical help. Whilst the Japanese were reviewing his application again, he grew impatient and stormed into the immigration office, demanding a decision immediately, or else he and his family were going to commit suicide there and then by going outside, and presumably, sitting in the middle of the road .. although the Muslim man and his family they did not follow through with their threat and their application was rejected.

So this man demands refuge and shelter from the Japanese but states that he will kill them too. Just how does he differentiate himself from the Taliban? I pity the next country he drifts too that grant him asylum.

So, after a performance like that and proving his resentment to Japan, it’s people and its customs, it is no wonder the Japanese officials sent this man packing and did not allow him to begin life in a civilized and technologically advanced country like Japan, a country which he clearly has no respect for.

Muslims refugee’s sure know how to show their love and tolerance for the inhabitants of the kind country that has taken them under their wing, right?

If only the Samurai warriors were still around..

The Body of Truth

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7 Responses to Video: Muslim Refugee Threatens To Kill Japanese Immigration Officers.

  1. Matt says:

    Those Japanese cops should have pulled out a Glock and split that camel screwing goat herders head open.

  2. im more afraid of hawaiian punch than mussie punch.

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  4. Graham says:

    If anything he’ll be going to Australia where the leftist retards (AKA the labor party) will have a big cry for him and give his family a $500,000 home with endless freebies all while ignoring needy Australian people and their families.

  5. Each civilized country in the world shoud never accept this kind of diease (Islam) it will be spearding all over their country and it will take them back 2000 years .

  6. the Japanese dont allow immigration at all.

    • Only if you’re VERY lucky and damned near Perfect. We’re adopting that Immigration model for our city. Thus far, the Japanese have been very helpful, even sending requested documents about precedurals and laws in English without needing to be asked.
      We have a serious problem with somali muslims here, and even though we’re nearly ‘closed’ more come in illegally and are hiding in homes sympathetic to islamist ideals (like forcing our city to go hardcore shariah) The recent raid on one house, 3 Bdrm with a basement–fifty people, and aside from the family, all illegally inside city limits.
      Yes, out city more and more operates like a very small sovereign nation because we have to–dealing with islamists is literally like dealing with bedbugs. Except bedbugs don’t build zipguns, bombs, rape women and engage in brutal robbery-assaults.

      islam is an Offense and an Abomination against all Humanity, Intellect, Civilization, Culture, Music, Art, Creativity, Spirituality, and Humanity’s future as a Great People.
      islamophobia is a nonsensical drivel-word made up by islamist-enabling dipwit Leftists who kneel in submission to PolCorr.
      Islamoresistance…that, however is alive, well, and Real.
      Jihad, turned against islam itself, is Dahijzh.
      I suggest this as Our word, one word to sum up our dedication to keeping our nations, our cultures and our loved ones from being eradicated by muzzies and their insipid ideology of fascism that is a religion only in surface appearance.
      I’m a woman, and I’m fighting for my as yet unborn children’s future–I will NOT allow the muzzies to dictate what world they grow up in.

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