Video: Egyptian Cleric – Beheading Apostates “Easier than Cutting Buttons Off Their Shirts”

An apt phrase for those in denial about Islam is: “If you want to know the true side of Islam, speak to an Apostate of Islam”

In this video an Egyptian Muslim cleric states that beheading an apostate is “easier than cutting buttons off their shirts”

A blunt reminder of how fast Egypt is sinking into becoming a Sharia driven, backwards, hell hole.

In countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan (in some cases European countries also) apostates of Islam have been beheaded, shot, stoned or, if the Muslims are not in the mood for death, they throw acid in the face of apostates.

Many apostates, such as Ayaan Hirsi ali, have gone on to teach the world about the horrors of Islam that they have experienced personally.

Needless to say, she was forced into exile from and lives under constant police protection after her fellow critic of Islam and artist, Theo Van Gogh, was brutally murdered by a Muslim in the Netherlands for his critical views of Islam and many Muslims warned her that she would be next, You can read more about that here and here.

The Body of Truth

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