UK: Female Muslim Convert Jailed For Violent Kebab Knife Attack in Bradford

A kebab knife similar to that used in the attack, which the judge described as “a fearsome weapon used to carve meat from the kebab. It had a very long blade and there could have been extremely serious consequences

United Kingdom: In the Islamic republic of Bradford, the city of honour violence, Mosques that dominate the skyline, Islamic colonization and Muslim converts in the heart of the United Kingdom. A teenage, female Muslim convert who attacked two drunk customers with a kebab knife repeatedly in a take away was jailed for 32 months.

32 months is not a long sentence, especially seeing as it sounds like attempted murder to me, although the man who was attacked was described as drunk and verbally abusing the staff surely they could have tried to make him leave instead of trying to cut him to pieces?

What is this pattern of extremism common among Muslim converts? Although, she has certainly found the meaning of Islam: violence towards non-believers on any possible pre-text whatsoever..

Welcome to Bradford..

Original News Source

A woman worker attacked an “obnoxious” tipsy customer with a kebab knife after he subjected staff to vile racial abuse at a Bradford city centre takeaway, a Court heard yesterday.

Teenager Tamara Jefferson, who had converted to Islam to find meaning in her life, was locked up for 32 months for the “sustained” attack on James Giles.

Judge John Potter said Mr Giles, who had gone to Zaytoon in Ivegate, early in the morning after drinking, had behaved in an obnoxious way, exchanging words which were offensive.

Bradford Crown Court heard Jefferson had gone outside with the knife and swung it at Mr Giles, striking him four times and causing wounds to his head and back which required stitches.

She also struck a second man, Matthew Holmes, with it, causing a superficial injury to his back.

Prosecutor Gerald Hendron said Mr Giles had thrown food at staff and racially abused them verbally. But despite the goading, Jefferson had escalated the situation.

Judge Potter said the knife was a fearsome weapon used to carve meat from the kebab. It had a very long blade and there could have been extremely serious consequences.

The judge said he accepted Jefferson had been upset by vile abuse, but he added: “You went back to that shop and armed yourself with a fearsome weapon, and showed yourself willing to use it. Whatever the provocation, it went way beyond the law of the land.”

Andrew Walker, representing Jefferson, who pleaded guilty to causing actual bodily harm and wounding with intent, said the religious taunts and racist remarks hit home.

Jefferson, 19, of Poplar Road, Shipley , was just short of her 18th birthday at the time of the offences.

Two brothers, who were working at the takeaway and became involved in the incident, received non-custodial sentences.

Ruksar Hussain, 20, of Granville Road, Frizinghall , who took the knife off Jefferson and struck one blow to Giles’ back, pleaded guilty to unlawful wounding, and was given a 51-week custodial sentence suspended for two years, with supervision, a two-month curfew and 100 hours’ unpaid community work.

Mohammed Hussain, 23, of Poplar Road, Shipley, did not arm himself or strike anyone but beckoned one of the men to fight. He pleaded guilty to disorderly behaviour and was given a conditional discharge.

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