Leftist Mob Brings Violence and Chaos to an EDL Demo In Walthamstow

The European Counter Jihad meetings that have been held in Denmark and Sweden in recent months, have all been marred by Leftist mobs intent on using Fascist tactics to silence freedom of speech through noise or violence, while at the same time comically attempting to label the Counter-Jihad groups they oppose as “violent”, The latest series of events regarding Leftist mob violence took place at an EDL demo.

This morning I found my Facebook news feed to be flooded with footage, images and events at the latest English Defence League demo in Walthamstow, London.

I do not post much about the EDL, As I do not follow their events much any more, but the events at their latest demo really caught my attention. The following is footage and images from the chaos at Walthamstow:

The first footage is of a brick being hurled from the Leftist crowd at Tommy Robinson (The leader of the EDL) The Leftists jeer as the brick is hurled (They were probably hoping it would kill somebody unfortunate enough to be struck by it) As Tommy Robinson then picks up the brick to show to the uninterested police officers, The Leftists cower, panic and scream fearing the brick would be thrown back at them, luckily for them, patriots are not as violent as Marxists and the brick was handed to a police officer by Tommy Robinson as evidence.

Here is the footage of Tommy Robinson’s short speech, Which he was forced to carry out behind the cover of a police van for protection from the potentially deadly missiles thrown by the Leftist mob, Kevin Carroll then shows some of the objects that were being thrown at the EDL:

Here is footage of Kevin Carroll attempting to give a speech and the police looking on as bricks and bottles are thrown and forcing the EDL to turn of their PA system for fear a patriotic speech would anger the baying Leftist mob (who were already throwing missiles and craving for violence) Well Done Met Police, another job terribly done..

Then the following picture was shown of the damage of a Muslim attack on an EDL member, as Skittles Truth UK (Who gave a witness account of the events) stated: ‘They only stopped when one of them (Muslim attackers) said “You have gone too far you’re gonna kill him, he’s had enough” the police did not help the man or make sure this man was taken care of properly.’

Casuals United also gave a witness account of the events, it can be read, here.

Another picture from the same blog showed the mess that the degenerates of the Fascist “Antifa” left the town of Walthamstow in after they left. Many were flying the red flag of Communism.

The Met Police apparently did nothing while the EDL were bombarded with bricks, bottles and pieces of wood from the Leftist mob, instead attacking with batons the EDL members who reacted to being trapped without access to water or toilet facilities, treated like animals and constantly attacked by the Leftist mob.

Here is a picture of a knife and hammer that was found when a member of the Leftist counter protest was searched, this shows the true intentions of the Leftist Counter Protest on the day, these Leftists were out to do some serious damage and potentially kill people who simply hold a different view point too them, Copyright David Hoffman.

Below is an image, posted on the EDL facebook page, of the evidence of some of the objects, which included bricks, bottles and wood, thrown at the EDL demonstration:

I then saw this video of the Leftist Counter Protest, note the various Communist flags flying in the crowd. The Leftists forced the police to prevent the EDL march from taking place as they sat on the dirty road and using small children as shields to block the path of the march, although I imagine most of the Leftist drop outs who took part spend most of their time sat on pavements anyway.. begging for change.

Then things took an ugly turn for the Leftists. One of the most hated Muslims in Britain, Anjem Choudary (Chowder head) put his hatred for the EDL to one side and instead attacked the Socialist Workers Party and UAF (who made up the majority of the Leftist mob) for luring Muslims to join them under the banner of Socialism. He then attacked Muslim community leaders for “being friendly with the police”

If the Leftists did one good thing with their demo, it was causing a divide in the UK Muslim community completely by accident!

Anjem’s statements were almost as much of a backfire for the Leftist mob as the few occasions when the Leftists are savagely beaten up by the same Muslims they turn out to “stand in solidarity with against Islamophobes”

Here is a picture of the “peaceful Muslims” stating the view points of the Muslim community “Islam is peace” and “Islam WILL Dominate” in amongst the Leftist mob yesterday, what is ironic is the Socialist workers sign in the background contrasting with the Muslim signs “say no to Islamophobia!”

Here is an image of some more peaceful Muslims throwing stones, probably trying to emulate their Arab idols who throw huge stones at the baby seats of Jewish cars in Israel, The same Arabs who killed Asher Palmer and his infant son Yonatan as the Arabs bombarded the car with stones, detailed article here.

Message to the limp wristed Leftist cowards and their Islamic acolytes: all Counter-Jihadists, be they EDL or otherwise, will never surrender to your mob mentality, violence and Fascist style bullying, it will take a lot more than that to stop our freedom of speech and free thinking.

When I read about the horror’s of Hitlers SA street thugs and see these psychotic and violent Leftists and Muslims in action, I cannot see any difference between the two, simply the same sh*t, different day. What’s more the police, then or now don’t make any attempt to stop or arrest them, not even when they attempt to burn down whole neighborhoods as they did in London during the Leftist backed Student Riots a few years ago.

Leftists have only one purpose in life and there is nothing they will not do to accomplish that purpose, no matter how vile and loathsome it might be. These abominations mean to destroy everything proud, strong and noble in this world, everything we hold dear and have fought hard for so long to achieve.

The Body of Truth

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10 Responses to Leftist Mob Brings Violence and Chaos to an EDL Demo In Walthamstow

  1. Keren Coe says:

    i was there on sat … but was it the EDL who try’d to burn car’s NO & if been let on coach’ to go home it would have not led to the O/B doing so much O/T & NO LOO’S NO WATER FOR HOURS & US BEING LEFT IN LONDON WITH NOTHING & NO MEANS OF GETTING HOME WHEN ALL OUR THINGS LEFT ON BOARD COACH THAT TAKE YOU THERE & LEFT YOU WITH NOTHING ?????? PS i think there was a car bomb left out side tube for us !!!!!!!!

  2. JDL UK says:

    Note the FAKESTINIAN sticker on the muzzars’ placards. F****ing irrational koranimals

    • The Author says:

      Yes, It is typical of them, the Muslims will use any attempt to promote their racist and bloodthirsty fight for Palestinians, the SWP and UAF believe, in their gullible and dumb way of thinking, that they are standing side by side with the Muslims, yet the Muslims have a completely different agenda altogether and the Leftists are clearly just a useful tool to them.. for now.

  3. Yet the Socialist Worker losers are reporting it as some sort of victory against fascism. No doubt proud of their brick-throwing Islamic supremacist friends…

    This of course is just a small part of all that’s wrong, and upside-down, in New Britain – see my post summarising who’s “wanted”, and “unwanted”, in the country today…

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