Islamic Weddings in Paris Deliberately Cause Traffic Jams

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The video shows another Muslim marriage ‘razzia’ on the motorway around Paris. Notice the North African flags and the abuse handed out to a passing ‘dhimmi’.

I would like to know whether this is how Muslims celebrate marriages in their own countries. Or is it unique to the Muslim colonies in Europe? In order to enjoy themselves fully, do Muslims feel some need to manifest their contempt for the infidel?

This time, at least, some of the Muslims were held to account. One has just been fined 1400 euros and banned for driving for 5 months. Another is due to be judged later.

Le Parisien has this to say about it:

This dangerous phenomenon seems to be on the way to becoming a fashion. At least the scenario has been reproduced several times: the cars meet up on a major trunk road, slow down in a thunder of car horns before stopping completely, blocking the traffic. This whole little world then bursts out, singing and dancing on the tarmac.

Source: Le Parisien

A police chief interviewed about the incident said:

They are lots of luxury vehicles which are hired for the occasion. …The people who force the slow-down are rather aggressive and can threaten other users. When the police vehicles finally intervene to intercept them, these people don’t hesitate to take risks by zigzagging and engaging in dangerous driving.

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