3 Somali’s Light Swedish Teenager on Fire During a Brutal, Unprovoked Attack

Welcome to Eurabia, Coming soon to a neighbourhood near you!

Yet another example of the face of Muslim mass immigration into Europe, as 3 Somali’s light a Swedish Teenager on fire after dragging him away from a bus stop in a brutal, unprovoked attack.

Read the Jewish Defence League UK article: Eurabia is advancing at the cost of Sweden’s kindness, to get a better understanding of the current dilemma Sweden is in.

Do the Far Left segment of Swedish society actually think that their participation in another Flotilla aimed at the continuation of conning the world about Gaza (with its luxury malls, water parks and 5-star hotels) is going to stop attacks in Sweden such as the one carried out on this teen, burning him? They are being encouraged to do this by support!

Muslims plan to take over in Sweden and establish the Islamic Caliphate, Sweden can then be visited by an aid Flotilla from US and Canada when Sweden becomes the Bosnia of Northern Europe.

The article is translated from Swedish so please bear with me, translation corrections are currently being made.

Original Swedish News Source

Rudolf Moilanen, 18, ​​was partying with friends on Saturday, June 30 in Jordbro. The idea was that they would party until late in the night, but Rudolf was tired and decided to go home. He sat at a bus stop where he fell asleep and was then woken up, when he was brutally assaulted by three Somali Muslim assailants.

He was roughly beaten, robbed of his jacket and phone, and then dragged into a wooded area just next door. Rudolf suddenly felt an extreme heat cover his back and saw that his jacket was on fire. The perpetrators had poured some type of flammable liquid on him. Rudolph screamed but instead of putting an end to the sadistic, act one of the perpetrators put his foot against Rudolf’s neck and let the flames take hold. Rudolf then panicked and took off running, he then began too roll around and attempt to extinguish the fire. While fleeing the three Somali assailants, Rudolf tore off his jacket and shirt and ran shirtless to a residential neighborhood, knocking on a door to find help.

Rudolf Moilanen was taken to Karolinska Hospital with serious injuries. He was then transferred to the University Hospital in Uppsala, in anticipation of a skin graft. Rudolph received bruises and abrasions all over his body but mainly injured his back via burns and the kicks he received to the face and back of the head.

When the beating began Rudolf did see the face of the most active assailant and part of his attire: red baseball cap, a dark hooded sweatshirt and sneakers.

Rudolph’s own words:

“… Then I heard in English, they asked if I had any valuables” and “late, I was raised by some Arab, one or two guys must of course have every, given that I weigh a lot.”

On August 10, one of the perpetrators was arrested. He is now under arrest for aggravated robbery and the prosecution should be brought upon him on 27 August:

His name is Ahmed Mohammed Ali, born in 1993, citizens of Somalia and residing in Jordbro.

The hunt continues for the offender’s two friends.

Södertörn District Court, B 9818-12

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8 Responses to 3 Somali’s Light Swedish Teenager on Fire During a Brutal, Unprovoked Attack

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  2. malc says:


  3. Babs Davis says:

    Probably get a slap on the wrist, like Rheas racial attackers!

  4. genevalove says:

    imagine the outrage if the victim wad.of the Islamic faith.

  5. Lee Poteet says:

    Given the nature of the attack, the charges should be attempted murder. But they were just practicing Islam, faithfully following the prophet’s directions.

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