Video: The Palestinian Wall of Lies

Palestinian Child, Bred to hate and kill.

The following is an excellent and professional video made by the David Horowitz Freedom Centre, which exposes the lies, hypocrisy and anti-Semitism from the Pro-Palestine hate mob.

These Leftists support the lies of the false people of Palestine and wage a hate campaign against the legitimate and only democratic state in the Middle East, Israel. (the same people who claim they are under “Israeli oppression” yet have just built a multi thousand dollar mausoleum to remember the Palestinian 1975 Savoy Hotel Terrorists)

These ignorant and fascist Leftists are funded by their Muslim masters and continue to attack the only Jewish state on earth hoping for its obliteration, whilst deliberately ignoring the horrific acts being perpetrated in Syria by Arabs, horrific acts such as this, this and this.

Lies die… but the truth for Israel lives forever.

Enjoy the video and feel free to share:

The Body of Truth

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