Video: Anjem Choudary & His Latest Jihadist Crew Protest Against The Olympics

Anjem Choudary and his hate filled band of Islamic followers showed their ugly faces of hate yesterday, as they protested against the closing ceremony of the London Olympics, calling it “Demonstration Exposing The Olympic Teams of Terror”

It appears AC and his crew have changed their name yet again! The group are continually forced to change their names to manoeuvre their way around home office bans, usually due to a raging influx of terrorist activity and hate preaching coming from every group they form, in a few words, it is the same sh*t, different name.

In the past AC and his crew have led vile protests against heroic British soldiers returning from the front line in Afghanistan, defiled the 2 minutes silence on both remembrance day for Britain’s armed forces and the 9/11 remembrance day.

Two confirmed members of one of AC’s groups were arrested for terrorism offences and travelling to Pakistan for training in the past month.

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7 Responses to Video: Anjem Choudary & His Latest Jihadist Crew Protest Against The Olympics

  1. fuck off anjem ….. you prick, and take all your followers and family with you ….. fucking camel shagger…. we don’t need you islamist idiots ….. adios dumbfuck …..

  2. marcel labelle says:

    What about all the people YOU mooooselims kill?damn hypocrites…go stick your heads in the sand

  3. Amy Gerrard says:

    Get this trash out of OUR country.

  4. ex muslim says:

    look at muslims enjoying democracy!!! enjoying speaking loadley in the land of KOFR !!! this is democracy that gives your sheaps the optunitie to speak lodly!!! but when it comes to your damps religion doctrine …it is forbiden for the other to express…it hapens that the non muslims defend the right of life of somalian iraqian ethiopian (by the way the muslims terrorist are the ones who are killing somalian peaple) … from a humanistic point not fro a religious one.

  5. liontiger says:

    wat a bunch converts idoits. shame on u fools no one likes u.ur all sad sad brained washed fools.and u will all burn in hell.if u care y dont u all fuck off to afganistane (o no bebause ur all a bunch of retards and got no balls) anjem ur a right

  6. Peter Croft. says:

    The sleeping Lion needs to wake up to what is really going on in this country. Both Labour and Tory governments couldn’t surrender the country quick enough,the Lib Dems helped the process aswell.Stand up and be strong,or we will be an Islamic State in the blink of an eye.
    If you remember one thing and one thing only,it is that it is a fact that the Koran ( that book that preaches peace and love ) What a joke !!! States that a muslim must kill an infidel in order to get into paradise,Infidel – that’s you and I, non muslims. If Sharia Law appeals,then let’s carry on burying our heads in the sand and hope that the bogeyman will go away.

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