Muslim Grooming Epidemic: 2 Brothers Who Sold Teenagers For Sex Found Guilty

As two more Muslims are found guilty of the grooming, trafficking and sexual abuse of under-age non-Muslim girls, It shows the Muslim grooming epidemic is still raging in the UK and it appears the authorities are not doing a good enough job to crush this inhuman crime.

The British media are to busy praising Muslim vigilante gangs who target (non-Muslim) prostitutes and pimps while conveniently forgetting the vile actions of their Muslim brothers up and down the country.

Original News Article

Two brothers have been found guilty of targeting schoolgirls for sex and selling two of them as prostitutes to restaurant workers across Telford.

Mubarek and Ahdel Ali variously sexually abused, raped, trafficked, prostituted or tried to prostitute four Telford teenagers

One of victims was raped by Ahdel Ali when she was 13, and another teenage victim was sold as a prostitute by Mubarek Ali when she was four months pregnant.

Ahdel Ali, 24, known as Eddie, was found guilty of 18 offences and cleared of one of inciting a girl to have sex with a man.

His brother Mubarek, 29, known as Max, was found guilty of seven charges including offences of trafficking in the UK for sexual exploitation. The brothers faced a total of 26 charges involving the sexual abuse and exploitation of the four victims who were aged between 13 to 16.

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