Croissants: The Ultimate Anti-Muslim Pastry

Breakfast time! Here is a brief history of the most anti-Islamic of pastries, the Croissant, which was born by a humble and heroic European baker during the blood soaked Ottoman Muslim siege of Vienna.

Start your day with a warm, tasty, buttery crescent of Counter-Jihad!

In 1683, during the decisive Ottoman Turks siege of Vienna against the European Christians holding their ground, culture and religion from inside the city.

Legend has it that a Viennese baker who thwarted the Turkish hordes first created the Croissant. The baker was working late at night at his underground stove and suddenly found the walls shaking and a strange Ottoman language murkily sounding from the walls. Calling the city guards, it was discovered that the Turks were attempting to bring down the walls of Vienna by digging underneath them and detonating explosive charges.

The Christian forces collapsed the tunnel in on the Turks, killing all inside and eliminating the threat and saving the city of Vienna.

To capitalize on his heroics, the baker began marketing the ultimate “up yours” patisserie to the Islamic Ottoman Empire, He baked a crescent shaped pastry in the shape of the Turk’s Islamic emblem, the crescent moon, so that when his fellow Austrians bit into the croissant, they would be symbolically devouring the Turks and their Islamic flag, symbolizing their great victory!

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2 Responses to Croissants: The Ultimate Anti-Muslim Pastry

  1. ninnybau says:

    Am setting about to make some now! Thank you! 🙂

  2. dan says:

    Hi the body of truth. I am a member of the body of Christ.

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