Thuggish Muslim Vigilante Style Patrols Praised as “Concerned Citizens” By The Media

I recently came across this news article, which stated the following:

“CONCERNED residents (All of them Muslim) have set up nightly patrols to deter sex workers and drug dealers from doing business near their homes.

Community members living in the Normanton Road area have taken the action after seeing an increasing number of prostitutes and kerb crawlers in the area.”

Removing sleazy sex workers and criminal scum in the form of drug dealers from the streets sounds great from the outset, right?

Well, I have a personal view on this, I think that the Muslims shown are disguising this act “as if they are doing good for the community” but lets face it, they are doing this in the name of the establishment of the Islamic caliphate, they know full well that the Muslim majority area in which they live will soon be fully Muslim, so they are removing the undesirables from their territory sooner rather than later.

Now, the Muslims claimed that they were NOT a Vigilante group and that they had the support of local businesses and the Mosque. Whether they claim to not be a vigilante group is irrelevant, a Vigilante is somebody who takes the law into their own hands or undertakes law enforcement without legal authority (and no, support from a Mosque and local business is not classed as legal authority), removing sex workers and drug dealers from the streets is the job of the British Police and nobody else’s, for anybody other than the Police to undertake this task is classed as vigilante behaviour!

Vigilante style groups are ILLEGAL in the UK. I believe if a group of non-Muslims were to set up vigilante style patrols (out of common decency and with no agenda behind it) to deter Muslim groomers and drug dealers that plague Britain’s streets, specifically the North of England, they would be swiftly arrested and detained within hours, Muslims can do this and receive praise for it – This was demonstrated in the London riots, Muslims protected their territory = Heroic people, Non-Muslims protected their area = violent thugs seeking trouble.

I find it very strange how these Muslims protest loudly against and put in a lot of effort to combat non-Muslim adult sex workers and drug dealers but are eerily silent about their Muslim brothers grooming, drugging and raping non-Muslim children on a huge scale, as has recently been demonstrated by them in the North of England…

Today it is sex workers and drug dealers they want out of their area (rightly so) but who will be the next group of people they want out of their area?

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4 Responses to Thuggish Muslim Vigilante Style Patrols Praised as “Concerned Citizens” By The Media

  1. I am interested to see how the useful idiots in the media will portray these jihadis once they start harassing others whom these Mohamadans label as “criminals”. These will include shoppers carrying pork or alcohol, women not wearing shrouds or head-rags, people playing music plus anyone displaying symbols or scriptures of Judaism, Christianity or other non-Islamic faiths.

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