A Decorated Black, Muslim IDF Commander? Must be “apartheid”

Lt. Col. Wahid Al-Huzeil

The Body Of Truth: The Black, Muslim Commander of the IDF Desert Reconnaissance Battalion who is a decorated hero and took part in thwarting the terror attack a few days ago describes their advance preparation, full article further down.

A black Muslim IDF Commander? Who would have thought it, what with all the Leftist and Muslim propaganda constantly being perpetrated against Israel and slandering it as “an apartheid state” Well, I’m afraid that does not look like apartheid to me, in fact, very far from it.

Let’s talk about the real forms of Apartheid those who attack and slander Israel are not so keen on talking about.

For starters, I would class the various road signs in Saudi Arabia that state “Muslims Only” as apartheid against non-Muslims. I also class Second class citizen females in Afghanistan who are treated lower than dogs and severely punished if they step out of line as apartheid against women and mass killings, persecution and torture of Christians in Nigeria, Iraq, Pakistan and Egypt as apartheid against Christians.

I would advise Muslims to perhaps clean up their own house before they launch an assault of lies and hatred upon somebody else’s, Just an idea..

Apartheid in Saudi Arabia

I wonder if the BDS and other hate filled, Terrorist supporting Pro-Palestine groups will still drone in unison “Israeli apartheid” like the sheep they are, despite Israel allowing Arab MK’s into the Knesset (Israeli parliament) who preach hatred and call for the destruction of the Israeli state 24/7 yet are still allowed to preach their views thanks to the tolerance expressed in Israel and its freedom of speech, the same Israeli state that allows Arab soldiers to serve in the IDF with the same benefits and terms of service as any Jewish serviceman.

Another fact that is constantly left out is that Israel is the only country to give refuge to thousands upon thousands of African refugees (Many escaping Muslim persecution in Sudan) and a right to stay in Israel, whoever defines that as apartheid, somebody please pass them a dictionary.

(Take a look here at how The British Museum glorifies Islamic apartheid)

The Israeli army allows Muslims the same rights and privileges of any Jew, show me a Muslim army that would allow a Jew to simply enlist…

Original News Source: Lt. Col. Wahid Al-Huzeil, commander of the Desert Reconnaissance Battalion which participated in thwarting last night’s attempted terror attack, explained today (Monday, August 6) that his forces were prepared in advance of the attempt.

“We realized that there was an incident and we arrived on the scene,” he recounted. “We were prepared at the site and identified a vehicle that had exploded at the crossing. We tried to capture the second armored vehicle, and during the operation, the Desert Reconnaissance Battalion worked with the armored forces and the Air Force.”

“Ultimately, we succeeded in capturing the vehicle, eliminating the terrorists, and preventing them from harming our forces or innocent civilians,” he added.

In 2008, Lt. Col. Al-Huzeil received a citation from the Chief of Staff for successful activity in the same area, then as a deputy battalion commander. In that incident, he led his forces in preventing a complex attack in which three booby-trapped vehicles approached the Kerem Shalom crossing.

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The Body Of Truth

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  2. Ol Gregg says:

    Just wow. Great article!

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