Obama Tells Palestinian’s to “Sit Tight, Help Is On Its Way after 2012 Election”

(Palestinian terrorist prepares to fire rocket into Israel)

Americans: Do not vote Obama in 2012, to do so would spell disaster for America and the world!

Source: Ulsterman Report

Palestinian Foreign Minister Riad Malki publicly indicates he was promised help from Obama administration after the 2012 election. His statements come just days after Barack Obama met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Talking out of both sides of his mouth has become a fixture of the Obama presidency – and it appears the increasingly volatile Middle East situation is no exception. In fact, it is quite likely the often conflicted message coming out of the Obama White House is to blame for much of the region’s worsening condition. If an American president consistently places ideological politics ahead of international principle, the world is likely to suffer – it becomes a matter of just how much suffering.
And no better example of the Obama administration’s “politics before everything” operation can be seen than this most recent indication from the Palestinian government that they have been promised “vigorous U.S. mediation” in Palestine’s efforts to extract more concessions from Israel as well as statehood recognition from the United Nations.
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is also demanding to have Israel to its 1967 borders – a demand American President Barack Obama also made to Israel just last year. The Obama White House quickly retreated from that proposal as Jewish voters in American indicated widespread disapproval of the idea – but the latest communications from the Palestinians now suggest that if re-elected in 2012, Barack Obama will once again attempt to force Israel to do just that.

According to an AP REPORT published today, the relationship between the Obama administration and Palestine is quite cozy:

“Everybody was telling us, including the Americans, ‘don’t expect that much from us during the election year because the president will be focusing on how to be re-elected, and in order to do so, he should really shift his attention … to other issues,’” Malki said. He did not say how those messages were delivered. Obama administration officials are frequent visitors at Abbas’ headquarters.

…Asked whether Abbas hopes Obama — freed from some domestic political constraints if re-elected — would push hard for a resumption of serious negotiations with Israel, Malki said: “They (the Americans) told us so.” He said the Obama administration asked Abbas to be patient until then.

It should also be noted that Barack Obama’s apparent friend Palestine has launched no fewer than 20 rockets into Israel in just the last 3 months.

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