My Personal View of The Myanmar Violence

I recently came across this picture on-line, of Muslims protesting against the killing of their Muslim cohorts in Burma.

Firstly, it made me question the idea of: Just how did the Myanmar Muslims manage to place Buddhists, Who follow the Religion of Peaceful, Ethical Self-culture and Karma, in a position that meant the Buddhists were then forced to rise up against the Muslims and kill them?

Beware of the Facts when you hear Muslims cry “Victim”

Secondly, It bluntly reminded me of the many times non-Muslims have protested out of desperation and begged the worlds media to report when Muslims are slaughtering innocent people all over the globe, brutally crushing women’s rights and freedoms and destroying non-Muslim culture to name a few events in recent years.

I came across this video of Buddhists in Thailand, who require “constant security whilst going about their daily lives for fear of being shot and beheaded by Muslims”.

To make a group of Buddhists, some of the most peaceful and calm people on earth, rise up and take violent action against Muslims must require some form of great anger before hand, such as Myanmar Muslims gang raping and murdering a young Buddhist girl?

And the Muslims have the audacity to protest and cry “victim” after they have simply experienced human anger after testing the breaking point of Buddhists.

I personally have felt the same frustration the Muslims protesting in the picture are feeling, especially when the world and the media is silent about the brutal actions of their Muslim brothers all over this world.

Bamiyan Statues before and after

To name a few examples, when Muslims murder and oppress Coptic Christians in Egypt and Iraq simply because they resist conversion to Islam, when Muslims mutilate women and throw acid in their face simply because they aspire to be more than a covered object to Muslim men or when Muslim fanatics blew up 2000 years of Bhuddist history and culture in Afghanistan at the destruction of the Bhuddist statues at Bamiyan, these magnificent statues had withstood 1700 years of various invasions, struggle and conflict in Afghanistan, only to fall to Taliban dynamite in 2001.

It simply amazes me how the death of Muslims is enough to mobilize thousands of angry Muslims throughout the world to stand up and protest and demand action. Only when Muslims are killed do they actually decide to actually make some noise. Not the 3000 lost in the 9/11 attacks, the innocent soldiers and Jews killed in the Toulouse terror attacks in the name of Islam including children, Madrid, Bali, Mumbai, London, The list goes on..

Yet, many times Muslims have proved that would rather cause a storm in a teacup over menial events that they wrongly class to be “A war on Islam” than remember the non-Muslims killed in the name of their religion.

Most of the burmanese hype comes from Islamist parties such as the JUI in Pakistan, the same JUI who justified the mass rape and murder of Bengali Muslims, who are related to the Rohiynya Muslims of Burma, so where was the Muslim out cry there?

Another thing to ask yourself that Muslims are not keen on bring up about this dilemma in Burma, what exactly do you have to do to make a Buddhist (some of the most peaceful people on earth) angry enough to come out in droves and lynch you?

It is becoming a well known fact that the riots in Myanmar were caused by the gang rape and murder of a young Buddhist girl committed by Muslims and that the figures being passed around are completely untrue and many of those who actually have been killed are not even Muslim!

Jihad Watch has an in-depth article here.

Muslims have been using the same tactic in the United Kingdom, by drugging under-age non-Muslim girls and passing them around Muslim sex gangs, some have been arrested but it is common knowledge that many of these vile gangs are still roaming the streets of Britain. The difference is, The Buddhists of Myanmar have decided they cannot take it anymore and now the Muslims are using the Buddhist fightback as a sympathy tool.

I must say, I was deeply disgusted when I read that an Afghan Taliban spokesperson, Zabihullah Mujahid urged the Burmese government to immediately stop the grave violation of human rights, saying it was against any ethics and laws of the world and worst type of crimes against humanity. (News Source)

How nice of the Taliban, them being experts in human rights as they throw acid in the face of women who dare to be different, who at one time would push innocent people off of diving boards into empty swimming pools in Kabul because they did not fit their Muslim ideal’s and hang Afghan children accused of being “spies” and routinely behead captured hostages.

Conclusion: There is no smoke without fire, Do not test the breaking point of Buddhists and do not call Western Nations a scourge upon the Islamic world and call for our destruction only to come running for our help when your rape Jihad has landed you in a very bad situation with rightly angry Buddhists.

An excellent depiction by Muhammad Speaks

The Body Of Truth

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4 Responses to My Personal View of The Myanmar Violence

  1. Rune Fardal says:

    Some of the best reflections i have ever seen in a long time. I ask myselv… why is it that every place muslims come into contact with any other culture or religion, there is rage and violence from muslims??? Is muslims å shame religion ending in narcissistic rage whenever someone critisice their entitlement??

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